MistMe Spray Tans

A Beautiful Natural Looking Tan

Before You Tan 

  • Exfoliate with a spa grade oil free scrub. If you do not have a spa grade scrub, shampoo and a loofa works just as well.
  • Shave the night before or the morning of your tan.
  • Do not apply any lotion, deodorant, or perfume the day of your spray tan (Perfume is okay if not applied directly on your skin) 
  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing to your spray tan. Solution can stain light or white clothing. 
  • While being Sprayed you can wear whatever you're comfortable with. Only female clients may be sprayed fully nude. State law requires the opposite sex of the spray technician to leave their undergarments on.  
  • Remove foundation before your tan is applied.
  • Please let your spray technician know if you have any skin conditions that may require the use of barrier cream. 

After You Tan
  • Avoid all moisture until after your first shower: washing your hands, doing dishes, rain, sweat, tears etc. Any type of moisture will cause white spots.
  • You will feel slightly sticky after you are sprayed, baby powder can help. Do not apply directly to your skin. First, put baby powder in your hands, then pat it on the areas where you are feeling overly sticky and damp. This is usually on your neck and creases of your arms.
  • After your spray tan you will need to wait 8 hours before you can shower.
  • Do not use bar soap. It will dry your skin out and cause your tan to fade. Body was is best.
  • When you shower do not use a loofah, gloves, or scrubbies, it will scrub off your tan. A soft wash cloth is best.
  • After your shower, pat dry with a towel.
  • Do not moisturize until after your first shower. After your first shower you should moisturize 1-2 times a day for the duration of your tan. Dry skin can flake and peel causing your tan to fade patchy and faster than it would on moisturized skin. Please use natural products like coco butter, or a vitamin E cream if you can. Anything that doesn't have mineral oil in the first 3 ingredients in it is fine too.
  • Please read your products! If the first four ingredients include alcohol, or Alpha Hydroxy,  DO NOT USE. these are drying agents and will fade your tan.
  • Avoid oily products, this can strip your tan or make it fade uneven. Ex: Tanning oil, baby oil, skin so soft. 
  • If you plan on being in the sun use an SPF, a spray tan will not protect you from UV.

What you can expect
  • You will feel slightly sticky after your spray tan
  • You may see white marks from putting your clothes back on after you have been sprayed. DO NOT PANIC. This is normal, Your clothes will sometimes wipe of the bronzer. This does not mean you will have a white mark after your tan is fully developed. Your tan will be perfectly even after you shower.
  • Bronzer might build up in the creases of your neck or in the creases or your arm, this will cause it to look dirty and darker than the rest of your tan. Do not scrub these areas in the shower after your tan has fully developed. The water will rinse the build up off and your tan will be even after you shower.